Guide: Install Lollipop on Samsung Rugby Pro/LTE (SGH-I547)

i547_600x600_xlarge_cfIn this guide, I will walk you through installing Android 5.0 Lollipop on your Samsung Rugby Pro/LTE. This will also work with the SGH-I547c (Canadian model). We will be using a custom Lollipop ROM that was made by Motorhead1991 on the XDA developer website. If you want more info about this ROM, you can check out the XDA thread.


Disclaimer: This involves writing to the flash memory of your phone. One mistake could make your device unusable. Please do not attempt unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Also, this WILL wipe your user data. So make sure to backup!

I should also mention that this ROM is still a work in progress, so not all features are working yet.


Gaining Root Access
The first step you need to do is gain root access. Towelroot by geohot makes this extremely easy. On your device go to & click on the lambda symbol (λ) to download the towelroot apk. Run the apk once it’s finished downloading. You may be prompted to go into settings & allow third-party apps. Click the ‘make it rain’ button & towelroot with then root your device. It should only take a few seconds. If your device restarts, it means that root has failed & you should try again. Then install the SuperSU app from the play store. Open it to make sure it updates it’s binaries & to verify it is working.


Preparing SD Card
Next, let’s prepare the SD card with the files that you are going to need. This can be done on a computer, or directly on the device. If you are going to do it directly on the device, you will need a file browser to move the downloaded files to the SD card. The app I used is FX (File Explorer), but any file browser with copy & paste will work. Here are the files you will need:

TWRP- (Custom recovery) (Used for rooting. Not necessary if you don’t plan on rooting the new ROM) (Custom Lollipop build for SGH-I547) (Package containing Google Apps)


Installing TWRP
The next step is to install TWRP. TWRP is a custom recovery that we’ll be using to backup the current state of the device, as well as flash the custom lollipop build. The easiest method, I found, was to flash TWRP using Flashify because it can be done directly on the device.

  1. Install Flashify on your device from the Play Store. (We will use this to flash the TWRP custom recovery image)
  2. Flash TWRP recovery image using the file on your SD card that we downloaded earlier.
  3. Once TWRP has been flashed, reboot your device into recovery. (Can be done within the flashify app or by powering down & pressing the volume up, home, & power buttons all at once.)


Screenshot_2015-01-17-14-42-34It is important to backup your data!!! I can’t stress that enough! In order to install the new lollipop build, you WILL need to wipe your device. So backing up is crucial. It will also give us the chance to restore should something go wrong. To backup, choose the backup option in TWRP. If your SD card is big enough, I would suggest backing up everything. If not, you can backup one by one & offloading to your computer in-between.


Flashing ROM, GAPPS, & Rooting
Screenshot_2015-01-17-14-41-44Screenshot_2015-01-17-14-42-29Now for the final step, flashing the custom ROM & GAPPS. We will be using TWRP for this as well, so if you’ve gotten out of it, reboot your device into recovery mode. Before installing, wipe your device by going to Wipe > Factory Reset > Swipe to Factory Reset. Now go back to the main TWRP screen & click install. Change the source to the external SD card. Choose the exodus-vanir zip. Then add the gapps. And if you want root access on the new install, add the SuperSU zip as well. Swipe to install!


Lollipop on Samsung Rugby Pro SGH-I547cInstallation shouldn’t take too long. Once it is finished, reboot your device. It may seem to get stuck on the Vanir boot screen, that is normal. It should eventually finish booting & you will be running Lollipop on your Samsung Rugby Pro. Now go play outside! ;p

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  1. Dave

    Yes definitely read the XDA thread before proceeding. Camera broken, auto-rotate doesn’t work, phone doesn’t ring when someone calls you… Why on earth would you want to do this to your phone?

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